Business Law

Crafting creative solutions for complex issues.

In today’s ever changing, fast paced marketplace, business owners encounter an unprecedented number of challenges on a daily basis. From determining which type of entity is best suited for your new company’s needs, to negotiating new contracts with vendors, or resolving a business dispute among partners, having competent counsel advising you along the way will ensure you are equipped with the necessary tools to achieve success and steer clear of costly litigation.

For those instances where the need for litigation is inescapable or otherwise required, we vigorously represent our clients in a professional and proficient manner. Litigation can be a stressful, troubling, and often confusing time for many people. We take great pride in not only attaining positive results for our clients, but also in the manner in which we counsel our clients. We possess the knowledge, experience, and focus needed to craft a solution specific to your business issue in and out of the courtroom.


The firm handles transactional business matters on a limited basis, including but not limited to the the following: entity formation, operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, loan agreements, work for hire agreements, 360 agreements, and licensing agreements.


Breach of contract disputes
LLC member disputes
Partnership disputes
Corporate/Shareholder disputes
Business dissolution
Non-Compete agreement enforcement and defense
Vendor disputes
Tortious Interference with contracts and advantageous business relationships claims
Derivative actions
Franchisor/Franchisee disputes
Defamation including Internet/Social Media Defamation
Right of Publicity
Business collections
Life Insurance Interpleader actions

Real Estate Law 

Guiding individuals and businesses through thoughtful, focused representation.

Competent counsel and advice in advance of and during the course of a real estate transaction is essential to ensuring the transaction is consummated properly and conducted in a manner so as to avoid litigation. In the event the need for litigation arises relating to your real estate transaction, whether it be an eviction, foreclosure or a specific performance action on a real estate sales contract, we will tirelessly fight on your behalf to obtain a just result.


The firm handles handles transactional real estate matters on a limited basis, including but not limited to the following: residential and commercial lease agreements, promissory notes and mortgages, and homeowner’s and condo owner’s associations covenants and restrictions.


Residential and commercial evictions
Easement disputes
Ejectment actions
Partition actions
Mortgage foreclosure prosecution
Mortgage foreclosure defense
Quiet title actions
Boundary disputes
Real estate purchase disputes
Homeowners and Condominium Association disputes
Prosecution and defense of specific performance actions on real estate sales contracts
Escrow Deposit disputes
Real Estate Broker commission disputes
Construction contract disputes

Probate Litigation

Deliberate and compassionate representation. Relentless advocacy.

The administration of a decedent’s estate during the probate process can be a very difficult time for many people. The loss of a loved one is hard enough, but all too often disputes and controversies concerning the disposition of certain assets of the decedent or the validity of the decedent’s last will and testament arise during the course of the probate proceeding. When those situations arise, we take great pride in relentlessly advocating on our client’s behalf, in a deliberate and compassionate manner.

A sample of the claims we prosecute and defend during the course of probate proceedings include: will contests, undue influence and duress claims concerning wills and inter vivos transfers, claims of breach of fiduciary duties by personal representatives, wrongful interference with a testamentary expectancy claims, lack of mental/testamentary capacity claims, prosecution of creditor’s claims and independent actions against estates, and elective share claims.

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